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Motorola Terminals
ArticleNo/ P/N: MDH69RDC9RA1AN
Radiotype: DP3441/3661

DP3441E, 403-527MHz, 4W NKP GNSS/BT/WIFI PRER502BE

Includes antenna for 405-450 MHz and 1700 mAh-battery PMNN4440AR. Includes the following licenses: HKVN4371A HKVN4497A HKVN4498A HKVN4499A HKVN4060A KVN4059A HKVN4284A, HKVN4285A HKVN4383A HKVN4382A HKVN4239A HKVN4405A HKVN4431A HKVN4379A Includes also 5 years enhanced warranty.